D. S. Sancheti Nursing and Paramedical Institute

To meet the huge demand for theB.Sc. Qualified nurses both in India and Abroad, and more importantly to provide opportunities to the children of this area for a job oriented degree course ,the Trust started the D. S.Sancheti Nursing and Paramedical Institute in the year 2011.

The Nursing college is Government recognised, and approved the Nursing Council of India, the Nursing council of Rajasthan It is affiliated to the Rajasthan University of Health sciences.

The college has faculty of well qualified and experienced teaching staff. It is well equipped with spacious and airy classrooms with modern gadgets of Audio visual presentations, laboratories and a Library. With the facilities of practical exposure of experience in working in the parent body’s hospital in the same campus and various educational seminars and conference and extracurricular activities regularly organised , the college is considered as one of the leading Nursing college in Rajasthan.

The college presently offers B Sc. degree course in Nursing, The first batch of the students is graduating from the college in this year( 2016) .

The management plans to upgrade the Nursing college to M.Sc. Degree level. And, realising the growing demand for skill development and relatedcourses , we plan to start other paramedical and diploma courses. To meet the growing demand for additional space the college is shortly starting extension of the existing college building.

President Messages

Nobility comes through different attributes. Among these, positive and compassionate care provided to human suffering stands out foremost, as shown by the works of Florence Nightingale. Nurses have a special relationship with patients who are unparallel as they are the guardian angels of the sick and the suffering. They proclaimed that we will do everything possible to heal the Sick.

No health organization can do anything without the relentless and selfless support from the nursing team in all the activities and also the specialty care.

By working together, can make sure that when it comes to development-Health care sector and its efficiency these things are not mutually exclusive; they go hand in hand. And that means making sure that affordable health care in close proximity to jobs.

My message, especially to students is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. There are great qualities that they must work towards. This is my message to the students.

We are thus, the firm believers of imparting quality education accompanied with moral values. We implant the tendency of combating with the challenges of the world & life carrying a conquering attitude. We, along with our students are committed towards the parents and foremost towards our Nation.

Principal Desk

Nursing is an universal role appearing in some form in every culture. Nursing as an occupation has always existed. The mission of the Nursing programme is to develop highly educated, knowledge, skill- oriented graduates who possess the necessary behavior and attitudes to become entry – level nurses to serve the needs of the Community.

The Nursing Programme in DSSNI is limit upon a base of general education courses that will give the nursing students critical thinking and precise skills as well as perspectives from the humanities and social sciences. This base enables nursing students to think perilously, make decision, gain independence, organize work, take initiative, supervise others, and be responsible employees and life- long learners.

The college is dedicated to the all round development of the students academic performance as well as their personality so that they can cope up with the latest scientific and technological advancements in a rapidly changing world.

DSSNI focus on faith and ethical decision – making equips students for the good leadership.