Risk Free Introductory Engagement

  • Gives you confidence about the quality of our services.
  • Provides you an opportunity to compare our services with others.
  • Get accustomed to new team & technology without spending money.

Effective and Efficient Project Planning

  • Get a versatile tool to organize, plan and control your project.
  • Get defined scope, timeline and budget indication.
  • Quality is the value what we produce, Our Project Management Tool allows you to manage and control the quality of your project.

Real-time transparency

  • Track the project hours efficiently, keep billable hours in check.
  • Helps you in taking decision to pull additional resources to project that needs more attention.
  • Built in reporting system from the historical data to analyze and take smart decisions.

Always on Coordination and Communication

  • We give you support round the clock, We live and work in an "always on" mode.
  • You get Project Manager's direct contact number for faster communication.
  • Any sort of emergency will be attended within 1 hour of reporting.

What you get

  • Technically skilled resources.
  • 100% transparency, maintaining high VALues and ETHIcs.
  • Advanced tools, use of best practices and team contribution to maximize Return on Investment.
  • You get your own customized development team with full control.
  • When you pay for a developer, you also get resource for Quality Assurance and Project Management.